"Last year we received an email from Akran Marketing Company in Ottawa. They are a large supplier of custom branded merchandise and apparel for Corporate, Government and Business. Occasionally they have overprints or excess of products and reached out to Children at Risk to see if they could be of value to our Charity! Of course, we said “YES” and have been enjoying items from Water bottles, lunch bags, pens, pencils, T-Shirts and more that have made their way into Prize Bags, Volunteer Appreciation and even our Camp with a large supply of Navy T-Shirts that we used for our Counsellors for Swim Outings. Fun Times were had as our Counsellors & Campers “trooped” to the Pool this summer singing “In The Navy!”

We want to thank Raman Agarwal, President, and CEO of Akran Marketing for their Community-Minded outreach in extending these donations of many quality items to Children at Risk – helping both our Charity and the Environment by re-purposing items through our Events and Activities." —Children at Risk, Donor Spotlight