Monica Channa is one of three finalists in the Entrepreneur category for the 2010 Business Woman of the Year awards, presented by the Women’s Business Network (WBN) of Ottawa. "I'm honoured to be recognized alongside some of the area's most influential and respected businesswomen," says Channa.

Monica Channa Finalist WBN Women's Business NetworkCanada is a global leader in women’s entrepreneurship. In recognizing Channa’s accomplishments, the WBN is also giving recognition to the women who play a vital role in small and mid-market business throughout the National Capital Region. Between 80% and 90% of all companies in Canada are small to medium-size businesses. They generate nearly half of the country's GDP and are responsible for 60% of all employment.

As Executive Director of Operations and head over the Akran Foundation, Channa’s entrepreneurial skills have been integral in Akran Marketing's growth and leadership. Channa’s conviction, passion, and drive have provided the impetus behind an entirely Canadian owned and operated company transitioning into a mid-market corporation with clients across North America. The Executive Director of Operations at Akran Marketing and Founder and Director of the Akran Foundation holds a B.A. in Commerce from York University. She was the youngest owner of Treats and three Second Cup franchises in the GTA, all ranked top 10 in sales across Canada.

“The traditional way of looking at a corporation and measuring success by mere profitability no longer applies in today's business world,” according to Channa. “As Canadian business women, our identities inform the way we think about ourselves, our companies, others, and about the world as a whole. Today’s corporations need to be grounded in our values to be successful. Beyond profitability, companies need to bring these values to the world by contributing to the communities in which they operate and by protecting the environment. This is what it means to be a Canadian business women."

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