Canada Newswire 2010-10-09 – Akran Marketing, recognized for being socially, ethically and environmentally responsible, and the country's leading branding, premium incentive and licensing company, today announced the establishment of the Akran Foundation, a community-based, non-profit organization.

Raman Agarwal, President & CEO of Akran Marketing stated, “Philanthropy has been a significant component of our corporate culture at Akran. We have been contributing to numerous charities for the last 10 years. By registering the Akran Foundation as a separate non-profit organization, it formalizes our general philanthropic nature."

Akran has a rich history of giving financial, product, and service support to numerous charitable groups within the communities it serves. As the philanthropic arm of Akran Marketing, the Akran Foundation will continue to provide support to recipients through charitable grants. Similar to Akran Marketing in the past, the charity will work towards bring about positive social change.

"Serving our communities is not only integral to running a business successfully, it is part of our individual and corporate responsibility. Through the Akran Foundation, our company can extend its positive social contribution by committing significant funds to a wider variety of non-profit groups each year," said Monica Channa, Founder and Director of The Akran foundation. "We are a Foundation that pools its financial and intellectual capital to improve the lives of people beyond the walls of our organization. Our foundation and corporation serve communities across Canada and internationally."

About Akran Foundation
The Akran Foundation is a separate, non-profit organization that acts as the charitable and philanthropic arm of Akran Marketing. With employees located across Canada, an international supply chain and global capital investment in manufacturing, Akran seeks to benefit the communities where it operates. The foundation achieves this by making strategic grants, forging strong community partnerships, fostering innovation and engaging stakeholders.

About Akran Marketing
Akran Marketing ( is a privately owned, award winning Canadian company specializing in branding, premium incentive and licensing with offices across North America. Akran provides promotional product branding, marketing and trend consulting, sales promotion and specialty advertising solutions to corporations worldwide. The company offers a broad array of comprehensive and modular ready-to-use consulting, warehousing, contact support, order fulfillment and eBusiness services. Core competencies include product sourcing and custom manufacturing combined with logo imprinting, engraving and embroidery. Akran powers some of the most successful branding campaigns in North America. It was awarded the BBB Excellence Award for marketplace ethics, ASI 2010 Best Places to Work and the PPB Best Boss Award and honoured as a Business of the Year by the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce.