As a socially and environmentally responsible company, Akran goes beyond the basics of ethical business practices to embrace a broader, deeper responsibility to people and the planet through the Akran Foundation. This guiding philosophy informs our decisions and focuses our effort to bring sustained, collective value to our employees, customers, suppliers and the world.

We have a mandate to act with compassion towards solving the world's most intractable problems by promoting sustainable social and environmental progress. Our recognition that we all need to play our part in making the world a better place is reflected in the work of the Akran Foundation and its local and international community support.

Ten percent of all net revenues are contributed to the Akran Foundation, a non-profit Canadian charity that supports a wide range of charitable initiatives from health, education and community to the environment.

The choices Akran makes say a lot about the company and its leadership. We are committed to "Doing What's Right". It inspires our employees, which in turn supports retention and recruiting efforts; it promotes innovation and creativity as we find new ways to use resources more wisely and to become good stewards of the environment; it motivates our customers in today's socially conscious marketplace.

Acting responsibly is a compass by which we navigate our business. It shapes our decisions and focuses the efforts of our employees and supply chain. We know from experience that Akran's philosophy brings sustained, collective value to everyone it touches. As our understanding of issues and opportunities evolves, so does our work. We continue to seek new and better ways to care for our human and natural resources.

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