OTTAWA, Ontario. Canada – September 24, 2018, 011:00 PM EST (BUSINESS WIRE)
As Ottawa and Gatineau battle one of the worst storms to hit in decades, the Akran Foundation announces a $25,000 donation in immediate relief effort and has launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise further donations.

Twin EF2 category tornadoes and 220 Km/h winds inflicted heavy damage late Friday to densely populated sections of Ottawa and Gatineau. Clean-up and recovery efforts continue across the National Capital Region.

"Our thoughts are with all our neighbours who are dealing with the unprecedented impact of this disaster," said Raman Agarwal, Akran Marketing, president and CEO. "We know from decades of partnership with local charities how contributions can quickly bring recovery and relief to those residents hardest hit by this devastating storm."

In addition to corporate charitable and in-kind investments, Akran employees give to their local communities by participating in volunteer programs, gift matching programs and the Akran Employees Community Fund. Consistent with Akran’s employee gift match programs, the company will match qualifying employee contributions towards Tornado relief through the Akran Foundation.

Akran inspires and encourages all Canadian companies to follow their example and contribute to Ottawa-Gatineau disaster relief. We wouldn’t be Canadian if we didn’t come together to help each other in times of need.


Akran Marketing is an Ottawa-based promotional product, specialty advertising and branding company.


The Akran Foundation is a Canadian non-profit organization that acts as the charitable and philanthropic extension of Akran Marketing.

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