Who We Are

The Akran Foundation is a Canadian-based registered charity under the Community Foundation of Ottawa (Charity registration number: 119227981RR0001).

We were established as a community-based, non-profit organization in 2010 to fund and manage projects that improve and nurture the lives of children and youth living in conditions of need, hardship and distress. Akran has always recognized that its business has direct and indirect impacts on the societies in which it operates. Sound business practices require that business decisions give due consideration to local communities and other organizations. We have proudly work in the past to support those in need. For years, Akran has been actively involved in donating money, training, equipment, and personnel to worthy non-profit environmental, community and educational charities. We are fortunate to be able to provide our financial support, time and service to caring organizations and to express our gratitude to our community.

Who We Help

Organization support by Akran include The Missing Children's Network of Canada, Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre, The Children's Wish Foundation, Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO), Children's (SickKids) Foundation, Ottawa Heart Institute, Operation Go Home, Life Networks, United Way, Habitat for Humanity, and the Ottawa Food Bank. We currently help over 25 charities. We are a broad-minded organzation with a big heart that focuses on the environment, education, and community charities.

Environment The organization sharply focuses on curbing global warming, developing a clean energy future, reviving the world's oceans, saving endangered wild places, stemming the tide of toxic chemicals and accelerating the greening of the world. We help protect the planet's wildlife and wild places and to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all living things. [ read more ]

Communities Our goal is to enable communities to help themselves and to sustain efforts in sustainable development work. We see Communities not as recipients; but rather, as critical stakeholders that have an important role to play in the management of programmes and projects in their areas. Our foundation identifies and responds to community issues and problems. [ read more ]

Education We work with community stakeholders that can help support and sustain education programmes or projects. For instance, in implementing education projects, we work with other NPOs and with school governing councils, parents, teachers and community association. [ read more ]

Focus on Children

It is our mandate to help disadvantaged children and youth in Canada and world-wide by bring basic provisions, opportunities, education and privileges to children and youth in need so that they can living fulfilling and happy lives.

The Akran foundation is dedicated to transforming the lives of children living in urban poverty through better health and education. Pragmatic, disciplined and innovative in our approach and global in our perspective, the foundation seeks to concentrate resources where there is maximum opportunity to achieve direct, measurable, replicable and lasting results that improve the most lives.

Main Contributor – Akran Marketing

Through the Akran Foundation, Akran Marketing distribute 10 percent of its net profits annually in the form of donations, products and services, primarily in Canada, India and China. We focus the majority of Akran Foundation resources on urban education, childhood health, and family economic stability. We feel a special responsibility to the people in need within the communities in which Akran Marketing operates. The foundation has its headquarters in Ottawa, Canada, and a liaison office in Delhi, India.