The operations of the Akran Foundation are managed under the direction of the Board of Directors, within the framework set by the Charities Act as well as any complementary rules of regulation or procedure as defined by the Board, such as Governance Guidelines and related Board Committee charters.

Monica Channa Director and Founder Akran Foundation BoardMonica Channa, Director and Founder of the Akran Foundation and Executive Director of Operations at Akran Marketing, focuses on business growth and profitability as essential to achieving the larger goals of building a self-sustaining company and adding value to employees, clients, community and the world in which we live. Monica has been integral in transforming Akran Marketing into a profitable, award-winning leader in supplying branding services to corporations worldwide. Her value-based leadership, passion and conviction provided the catalyst to establishing the Akran Foundation. As a successful franchise owner and entrepreneur with a B.A. in Commerce from York University, she is recognized as a leader and visionary in pooling financial and intellectual capital to enhance the lives of people, especially children. Monica is a proponent of the view that the traditional way of looking at a corporation and the measure of success by mere profitability no longer applies in today's business world. She believes our Canadian identities must inform the way we think about ourselves, our companies, others, and about the world as a whole. Today’s corporations need to be sustainable by being grounded in these values to be truly successful.

Raman Agarwal Akran Foundation BoardRaman Agarwal, CEO & President of Akran Marketing, is known in business for his entrepreneurial and management success. His value-based leadership, conviction, passion, and drive have provided the impetus behind an entirely Canadian owned and operated company that has transitioned from an idea into an industrial strength enterprise. He is a proponent of the view that companies need to bring value to the world by contributing to the communities in which they operate and by protecting the environment for future generations. He is known as a philanthropist and role model.

David Wendt has led entrepreneurial organizations, such as Akiva Publishing Inc. and Outmind Technology, and has been an agent for social change throughout his career. He brings a wealth of experience innovating for social change to the Akran Foundation. He spearheaded giving programs, developed national corporate partnerships and oversaw the highest Grant-making quarter in the organization's history. In the corporate sector, he is a nationally-recognized expert in branding, corporate development for entrepreneurial organizations, building resources in a leadership capacity and leveraging innovative marketing and communications tactics. As CIO & Executive Director of Marketing and Communications at Akran Marketing, he leads the organization's marketing and communications teams to best engage the Foundation in capitalizing on optimal solutions to address global environmental, community and social challenges. He is a well-known proponent of knowledge leadership, social marketing, research, and alliances that advance the work of social entrepreneurs solving the world's most pressing challenges.

Raman Agarwal Akran Foundation BoardAmisha Agarwal is currently pursuing a Bachelors of Honours in Science with concentration in Health Sciences and a minor in Psychology from Carleton University. She has received notable awards and scholarships as a result of her effort and determination. Amisha is known for her extensive record of philanthropy and community involvement, being an integral member of various volunteer networks. She brings many years of volunteer service and is well regarded and recognized for her leadership and volunteer work at Carleton University. She has worked with non-profits in all sectors, including health, education, arts and the environment, and has been integral in networking, connecting individuals and promoting youth and student involvement for the betterment of the community.