iso14001To date, Akran has implemented the framework and the supporting audit programs necessary for ISO 14001 certification, the global standard for environmental management systems. Akran currently monitors the environmental impact of its activities, products and services to continuously improve its environmental performance and reducing energy, resource consumption and waste production. ISO 14001 provides a systematic approach to setting and achieving environmental objectives and targets already in place.

Completion of the ISO compliance process is expected in coming year. Akran is a member in good standing with various Corporate Social Responsibly led organizations in North America.

Energy conservation is connected to every aspect of our business, from the manufacture of our products to how they are packaged and shipped to their use by our customers. As a major promotional product supplier, we have the potential to make a difference in saving energy and combatting climate change. Akran is working towards implementing alternative energies such as point-of-use solar and wind power in our production and manufacturing facilities around the globe. Not only does it reduce dependence on carbon-based fuels, it cuts CO2, CH4 and toxic gases emissions from entering our atmosphere.

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Energy Star Products

There are many ways to save energy — from designing new buildings to be energy-efficient to purchasing energy-efficient products, to implementing comprehensive energy management across our entire organization. For more than two decades, Akran has improved the energy efficiency of all its operations. We highly recommend and use energy star qualified products to save energy and protect the environment.

BPAAll of Akran's food and beverage containers meet FDA, US Federal agencies, Health Canada, and provincial agencies stringent food-grade product regulations. Temporary tattoos and other related products that fall under the Canadian Food and Drugs Act and FDA regulations are in full compliance with import notification (when applicable), ingredients disclosure and the product labelling requirements. As part of our quality control procedures, Akran ensures its products meet all federal and provincial import and health requirements.

The protection of your brand is our number one concern. With Akran, you can be fully confident that the products you receive are safe and completely in compliance. We ensure our products are in compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Council (CPSC), ASTM 936-07, and the Code of Federal Regulations (16 CFR 1303). The primary element of interest is lead, but a number of other toxic heavy metal elements also pose a threat, especially for children, as they are known to accumulate in the body and cause detrimental effects over time.

The following substances have to be banned from any of our product line we sell:

  • Lead (Pb-free)
  • Mercury
  • Cadmium
  • Antimony
  • Arsenic,
  • Barium,
  • Cadmium,
  • Chromium,
  • Selenium,
  • Mercury,
  • Hexavalent Chrome
  • Polybromated biphenyls (PBBs),
  • Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs),
  • PentaBDEs and OctaBDEs

Akran provides material declarations and a Certificate of Compliance (COC) to clients upon request for each and every product we sell.

The principle of saving resources and limiting the environmental impact of our actions does not just apply to our facilities and their operation.

Our Company's stated goal is to minimize the negative impact of all of its activities on the environment, while simultaneously supporting international efforts to solve global environmental problems. Compliance with environmental regulations at Akran is governed by our strict environmental guidelines.

eppslogoakranWe believe in responsible business practices. We are a full supplier of environmentally preferred products (EPPS) that have a smaller environmental footprint than competing products.

Akran is dedicated to protecting the environment through pollution prevention, increased efficiency and recycling. Our mission is to make the Earth a better, safer and cleaner place to live while strengthening the Canadian economy. In working towards this goal, Akran has focused on pollution prevention, resource conservation and environmental design to increase product value at all process levels.

360Our primary environmental objectives are to increase the energy, water and resource efficiency of products and prevent pollution in the administration, manufacturing and secondary processing (e.g., imprinting). As part of our environmental initiative, Akran extends its responsibility beyond the point-of-purchase to the life of the product.

We promote the use of environmentally preferred products with pre-consumer, post-consumer recycled content.

We provide alternatives to products manufactured with chlorine bleach and use non-toxic/less toxic inks, paints, dyes and pigments.

We strive to lower the environmental impact of our products by reducing operating and standby power consumption and resource use, and by managing chemical substance content. To facilitate the management of chemical substances in our products, we pay attention to substance content from the procurement stage. In addition, we have established a system that ensures we purchase only products that contain no specified chemical substances recognized as harmful to the environment, such as lead, mercury and cadmium.

Akran has succeeded in entirely eliminating harmful substances from our products and secondary processing lines.

made in canadaAkran Marketing is a strong advocate of boosting our national economy. We try our best to source and promote Canadian products, not just because it helps to employ Canadians, but it is better for our economy. The higher quality and longer-lifespan of these products, as well as the reduced impact of less transportation demands on the environment (reduced consumption of carbon-based fuels and production of associated pollutants) all work together to ensure we can provide the best value for money.

seedling-ray_from_LAAkran is dedicated to protecting the environment through increased efficiency and recycling, with the aim of contributing to sustainable development. In working towards this goal, Akran has focused on pollution prevention, resource conservation and environmental design to increase product value at all process levels. The company has undertaking numerous activities from a medium to long-term perspective, and has formulated and implemented a Green Management action plan, which stipulates key attainable targets.

  • Promote Natural Source of Energy in manufacturing
  • Incorporate Energy Management in various process
  • Promote Biodegradable, Pre and Post-Consumer waste and animal waste manufactured products
  • Promote vegetable based inks and chemicals
  • Promote natural grown such as corn and cotton based manufactured products
  • Use and Promote Recycling of Products

inspection_labelAkran recognizes enhancing quality as a crucial management task, and we incorporate quality and reliability improvement considerations into product development, planning, engineering, production, sales and service activities. In 2003 we formulated corporate quality standards that outline minimum requirements for all of Akran products in an effort to improve our product quality management system. We have also implemented a Customer Service Strategy headed by Monica Channa, VP of Operations, as the ultimate authority for customer satisfaction and quality-related issues.

Akran provides a full guarantee on all of its products and services to encourage customers to express opinions and report issues at any time, and to gather product quality-related information and promptly identify problems. Once identified, Akran works with its team and partners to make appropriate improvements. We have also established a reporting channel to gather opinions from Akran employees, thereby helping us to detect problems early and respond promptly.

EPPSSince our company was created, we have dedicated ourselves to satisfying customers, protecting the environment and meeting the needs of society. It’s what we stand for. We integrate socially responsible practices into the very fabric of our operations, from the suppliers we use to the final lifecycle stage of the products we sell. Akran has dedicated resources to match the standards set by organizations such as the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) and Social Accountability International (SAI). The guidelines of these organizations help us better understand and approach the broad scope of issues that encompass our business.