As a non-governmental organization that plays a leading role in the empowerment of local stakeholders and in the establishment of collaborations among the public sector, civil society and the private sector, the Akran Foundation supports sustainable solutions to community education issues.

Few would doubt the value of education as a powerful tool in helping disadvantaged children change their lives and in teaching them to become self-reliant. At the Akran Foundation, we believe that supporting education will help break the cycle of poverty.


Poverty is one of the great challenges in the world today. The most effective tool in breaking the poverty cycle is education, but still more than 72 million children in the world are not going to school and 350 million children are receiving education of a very poor quality. Akran has chosen to educate children in need as a focus area of our CSR.

Through the Akran Foundation we are supporting school projects around the world helping many children receive a good education, which gives them a chance to build a better future for themselves, their families and communities. Since we began our support to education of children in India and Africa, we have seen the positive results of providing a path out of poverty and hope for the future.

Education has the power to transform children's lives, now and for generations to come. Our school projects around the world focus on these areas:

  • Grants and educational support for underprivileged students.
  • Provision of school supplies.
  • Providing essential basic amenities.
  • Promotion of educational opportunities.
  • Construction of schoolhouses for children in remote villages.
  • Funding for educators.
  • Developing and strengthening teachers' capabilities.
  • Provision of libraries.


We continue to make Akran a world-class organization and a great place to work through career advancement opportunities, workforce diversity and open dialogue. We strive to create an inclusive environment where employees thrive and generate top performance. Akran has integrated its cultural cornerstones into everyday communications and work streams to sustain strong employee engagement and understanding of our company's vision and direction.

Akran employees are exposed to a number of education offerings at the company. Our goal is to foster career development and to enhance continuous learning and skills improvement. We compete with other industries for top talent in an increasingly competitive hiring environment, focusing on education and a career path for employees within the company helps us retain and attract qualified candidates and elevates customer experience. We help our employees achieve their personal and professional goals by financing continuing education opportunities, specialized training courses, and through tuition reimbursement and mentoring.

Our goal is to encourage loyalty and to inspire our staff to deliver the best customer experience possible. When employees feel like they are part of an organization that is committed to them in learning and building a career, they are more engaged, invested and highly motivated. Creating a positive work environment for our employees and maximizing business results for our customers.

supplychainLabour, health, safety, and environmental performance standards that benefit workers and the environment are applied at all levels of our organization, including Akran's supply chain.

We implement guiding principles, tools and processes that suppliers must meet to have access to our markets in effort to improve performance beyond the first tier. Akran shares best practices with suppliers to address key issues. We audit overseas manufacturers on a regular basis to ensure quality and ethical production. Akran employs corporate, joint and third-party assessors for supplier evaluation. We provide manufacturers with consistent sustainability principles and expectations for performance.


We focus on mentoring in-house for professional development and encourage our employees to volunteer outside the office, as a way of giving back to the community and to society at large. Akran provides advice and guidance to non-profit organizations, start-ups and directly to aspiring entrepreneurs by providing a real-world business perspective to help them develop the skills needed for success.